Dallas Texas Mixtape Designers

Whats up guys. In this post I’m going to go over a few mixtape designers who can definitely help you design a cover. One city I get asked alot in is in Dallas, TX. There are tons of rappers and artists located here. We get contacted just about every day  from people living there. The music scene is huge there. Here are few popular mixtape designers you might want to check out. Nonstop graphics is one and mixtape cover designers is another.


Both are great designers. They’ve been in business for years! These guys will definitely help you out.  If you have any other questions please let me know. We will continue to update the site with new posts and content. Also be sure to check 24 hour roadside assistance dallas tx if you have any problems getting towing truck in Dallas. They work 24 hours a day.



Learn To Make Mixtape Covers



I’ve always been a fan of this mixtape cover. From the falling fire, to the flock of birds flying in the background the overall placement of the graphics. Wow.  A great mixtape cover to learn from for those wanting to learn. How would you like to learn how to make a mixtape cover? I ran across this website that teaches people how to make mixtape covers. There are tons of new designers that want to learn more. This website is a good place to start. I ran across it online. They are mix tape designers that create covers. They are real talented too. I’ve seen tons of their work on sites like DatPiff and Live Mixtape.


Check them out. They are called mixtape masters. If your a rapper wanting to learn to make your own mixtape covers in Photoshop. This website is for you. He’ll teach you how to use all the tools and filters to make the latest effects.  From what he says making covers isn’t hard. It’s just about knowing what to use. Seems interesting. My favorite Photoshop effects are the fire, smoking and realistic effects they add. They make the design look really well. They also give out free psds. Another popular effect that people love including me that I want to learn is how to make the cartoon effect.  I’d hope they teach people how to make these.  Anyway, Ill be posting more covers soon for you to check out. Enjoy.


I plan on joining the website also. Learning these effects are very popular and I’d love to start making my own graphics. I have Photoshop installed on my computer so I figure I can give it a crack.  Im going to be posting 4 super hot covers I ran across today. When I say hot they are super hot!

The Art of War Mixtape Cover

Hot mixtape cover

Damn, check out this hot mixtape cover I ran across. Great design! DJ Drama’s artwork always seems on point. Great color blending, font selection looks well placed, shadows look great and most importantly the images and artists’ are well proportioned. Love the explosion around the lettering on “The Art of War”. The chess board looks well placed. But overall a hot design. What do you think?